Curriculum Leadership Academy - April 11, 2014

Curriculum Leadership Academy - Day 2

Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center

Agenda     April 11  

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7:45 – 8:30

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8:30 – 8:45

“Welcome ”    Lou Howell,  Executive Director, Iowa ASCD

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9:30 – 9:45 Break

Keynote:  “Initiatives and Priorities”

Dr.  Brad Buck, Director,  Iowa Department of Education

The Iowa education system is committed to continuous improvement.  There are a number of initiatives underway in the state that are intended to support this improvement work. The Department is working to continue to align these priorities and initiatives.

Presiding:  Lou Howell , Executive Director Iowa ASCD

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Break-out sessions Choose the one that best fits your needs































10:30 –10:45


“Iowa Core Mathematics Standards: Focusing on Fewer Topics and Learning More”

Dr. Susan Pecinovsky, Associate Superintendent for Student Achievement; Laura Fricke, 5th grade teacher; Jan Kloberdanz, 5th grade teacher; Marshalltown CSD

This session features an exciting process we created to build student mastery of foundational mathematics content and sustained mathematics proficiency across grades K-6. This session presents a comprehensive view of each step: prioritization of IC standards; curriculum alignment to the standards; removal of misaligned lessons; identification and assessment of mastery content; development additional IC aligned instruction for focused learning that upholds the coherence and rigor requirements of the IC. 

Presiding:  Jason Ellingson, Iowa ASCD Board Member

Garden Room                                                                                                                                                               

“Embracing the Iowa Core:  Determining the Essentials”

Christine Mangrich, K-12 Instructional Services Coordinator; Tammy Bronemann, Talented and Gifted/Instructional Coach; Cedar Falls CSD.

How can we provide learning opportunities for students that require higher-order thinking and emphasize depth rather than superficial coverage of the Iowa Core? It’s all about prioritizing the Iowa Core standards – not eliminating them.  Through collaboration and the continuous improvement process, districts can create a guaranteed and viable curriculum ensuring student success.

Presiding: Veta Thode, Iowa ASCD Board Member

Banquet 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

“Doing the Right Work”

Erin Thompson, Secondary ELA Curriculum Facilitator; Becky Thorson, K-8 Math Curriculum Facilitator; Susan Van Woert, Elementary ELA & SS Curriculum Facilitator; Cedar Rapids CSD.

Take a look at a process that allows teachers to have a common and clear understanding of the Iowa Core standards. Follow the steps taken by one school district to prioritize, unwrap and scaffold standards-based on the backward design research of Grant Wiggins, Jay McTighe and Larry Ainsworth. Get a sneak peek at the teacher-created district documents that tie all professional learning (PLCs, standards-based grading, School Improvement Goals and Individual Professional Development Plans) together to avoid making this work just “one more thing.”

Presiding: Dr. Elaine Smith-Bright, Iowa ASCD Board Member      

Banquet 2                                                   

“Collaborating to Implement Concept-Based Instructional Units at the High School”

Kevin Litterer, High School Principal; Tammy Vine, Spanish teacher; Melissa Salgado, English/Literature Instructor; East Sac CSD; Allyn Coppock, High School Principal; Ryan Burkhart, Social Studies teacher; Newell-Fonda CSD; Jake Crouse, Secondary teacher; Colfax-Mingo CSD

Full implementation of the Iowa Core Curriculum can seem like a daunting task to many educators and administrators.  In this session, teachers and administrators will explain their journey of Iowa Core implementation using conceptual teaching concepts.  Participants will be able to see actual conceptual units that have been created using Iowa Core skills and concepts and taught in high school classrooms.   Come hear how the collaboration between Buena Vista University, three neighboring school districts, and Prairie Lakes AEA led to an enriching and rewarding teaching and learning experience.  

Presiding: Dr. Leslie Moore, Iowa ASCD Board Member

Banquet 3                                                              

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Break-out sessions

Choose the one that best fits your needs

“STEM in the Waterloo Community Schools”

 Angela Hewitt, District STEM Coordinator; Waterloo CSD

Looking for ideas on how to integrate STEM in your district?  Join the Waterloo Community Schools as we share highlights and challenges of our STEM journey.  The discussion will focus on STEM staffing, curriculum, afterschool programs, camps, collaborations, and more.  Participants will have a chance to explore a hands-on STEM activity that is currently part of our district’s STEM program. 

Presiding: Kym Stein, Iowa ASCD Board Member 

Banquet 1                                                                                                                                                                                  

“The Challenges of ‘Catching the Truck’ ”

Dr. Dave Tilly, Deputy Director at the Iowa Department of Education and Administrator of the Division of Learning and Results

Every little town in the country has a corner house where a little dog resides. That dog lives for chasing trucks. Problem is, while the dog loves the chase, s/he never considers what they’d do if they actually caught the truck. Improving literacy instruction in Iowa is kinda like that, in some ways, we caught the truck. We have a new early literacy law, we have new administrative rules governing implementation of that law, we have the Iowa Core ELA standards, we have an Iowa Reading Research Center, we have $8 million statewide that is going to schools specifically to implement this new law, we have a collaborative across the DE/AEA/LEA system, we have a new early warning system available to schools at no cost to them. The stars are aligning. This presentation will provide an update on the many pieces and how educators across the state are working to weave them all into a coherent fabric of reading instruction for all Iowa Kids.

Presiding: Cindy Swanson, Iowa ASCD Board Member 

Banquet 2                                                                                                       

“Unit Planning with Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) Framework”

Eric Rosburg, 9th grade Math Teacher; Cedar Falls CSD

This session will provide a teacher’s perspective on how to build a unit using the AIW framework. Participants will receive tools to help identify the big ideas and unpack the disciplined inquiry of a unit. Further, participants with AIW experience (e.g., scoring tasks, student work, and instruction) will benefit from tips on how to take AIW to the next level.

Presiding: Veta Thode, Iowa ASCD Board Member 

Banquet 3 

11:30 – 12:20

Enjoy a buffet luncheon and time to network with friends and colleagues. Announcement of the 2014-15 Iowa ASCD Officers as well as the awarding of prizes will occur!                                                


Banquet 1, 2, 3

12:30 – 2:00






Break-out sessions

Choose the one that best fits your needs

“Designing Integrated Units of Study: Meeting the Challenge of the Common Core”

Laura Jacobsen, Comprehensive Literacy Model Coach; Bernie Brustker, Systems Manager; Kelsey Bower, First Grade Teacher; Jennifer Neff, First Grade Teacher; Melissa Soenksen, First Grade Teacher, North Scott CSD

Two teams from Ed White Elementary, North Scott CSD, describe how we integrated multiple workshop frameworks with the Common Core State Standards to ensure ALL students not only meet the standards, but exceed expectations.  By using the UbD framework, we collaborate to create authentic learning experiences and assessments for ALL students. We will briefly share how the coaching model facilitated this process for our building.

Presiding:  Becky Martin, Iowa ASCD Board Member

Banquet 1                                                                                

“Transitioning from Teaching to Ensuring Learning: One District’s Initial Efforts Toward Implementation of a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum”

Kevin Vidergar, Director of Teaching and Learning; Perry CSD

Perry CSD is beginning the journey of transitioning from a teaching-centered system to a system that ensures learning of the Iowa Core by all students.  In addition, one of the primary responsibilities I was charged with is to bring organization to the professional learning activities currently in place at Perry.  During this session I will share the journey so far, as well as plans for next school year. Participants will receive a copy of all session materials as well as power points, handouts, and other resources used during the school year. 

  • Kevin will be providing several documents via a flashdrive that individuals may download on their computer.

PresidingSue Wood, Iowa ASCD Board Member

Banquet 2      

RtI Success in a REAL Comprehensive High School”

Deb Olson, Superintendent; John Jorgenson, Curriculum Director; Karinne Tharaldson-Jones, Principal; Clinton CSD  

Clinton High School, over the past three years, has reduced academic failure rates by 50 percent, reduced behavioral referrals by 30 percent, and increased participation in AP, Honors, and Concurrent classes by over 100 percent.  Key ideas and significant actions that led to these dramatic outcomes include a highly efficient building-wide Intervention Team that uses individual student data to identify and address students in need of Tier 2 and Tier 3 RTI support. 

Presiding: Pam Zeigler, Iowa ASCD Board Member                                                                                         Banquet 3


Snacks for the Road                                                                                                Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center

A special thank you to Sue Wood and Pam Zeigler, co-chairs of the Iowa ASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy.

And thanks to each of you for networking and learning with us!